And in Bundesliga nothing new

Bayern won (again) against HSV! But it’s more about how they did it. They repeated 2015 scoreline netting 8:0 against this (former) Bundesliga heavyweight. For a moment I thought HSV have gained the momentum and that they might just get out of the bail, but it won’t be so simple. Fine, they are always going to lose vs Bayern, and they are going to lose big time, but next few games will give the answer which of the famous clubs is going to sink. After Stuttgart did it everything is possible in Bundesliga!

Elsewhere, RB Leipzig kept ”the pressure (like there is such thing when it comes to Rekordmeister)” on Bayern, winning against Köln. They might not have the right environment to go all the way like Leicester did last season in PRemier League, but their success has been amazing so far!

BVB did a routine job vs. Freiburg. Well, not so much. Tuchel team doesn’t know the word routine. They are too inexperienced but finding their way. Their target should be reached for this season. Should they remain together they will be a real deal next season.

Hertha, thanks to their captain Ibisevic and Darida, maintained Champions League ambitions, claiming over their direct rival for the positions securing this prestigious competition next term, Eintracht Frankfurt. It’s been quite a journey for Berlin club considering their non-existing ambitions. Maybe we are witnessing changes in German capital.

And finally, Augsburg most likely sent Darmstadt in Second Division, most likely securing their own survival at the same time, while Leverkusen (yet again) jeopardized Champions League spot losing all 3 points at home against Mainz, who are turning into a solid Bundesliga club as the years go on.

Nothing new really.